About Fulford Hall


Fulford Community Hall on Salt Spring IslandThe first hall was built in 1921 on land donated by the Shaw family. Four years later it burned to the ground but was rebuilt by the community within a year, reopening in 1925. Fire struck again in 1936 when an arsonist set fire to Fulford Hall, Beaver Point Hall and the White Lodge creating a major loss for the island community of less than 1500 people. Again the determined and spirited residents rallied and rebuilt both halls.

In 1982 with the the help of a New Horizons Grant an addition was made to the south end of the hall by the OAP group, cementing a valuable partnership between the hall and senior’s group.

Fundraising events have always been  a vibrant part of community life and supported the ongoing maintenance of the hall. Older island residents recall fondly the May Day parade where children dressed up, decorated their bikes and island trucks were transformed into floats. After the parade the community gathered in the the Shaw’s field across from the hall for speeches, ice cream and hot dogs and socializing.

Fulford Hall is run by a volunteer board and maintained by volunteers from the community. The board seeks to promote community activities and enhance the quality of life of local residens.  The board encourages the use of the hall as a gathering place to foster a sense of community and welcomes volunteer participation.

Drummond Park

Drummondd_ParkDrummond Park located on the west shore of Fulford Harbour shares a special relationship with Fulford Hall.  The park was donated  to the chlldren of the community by Captain and Mrs. Drummond. The covenant protecting the park’is held by the Fulford Hall Association.

Captain Drummond retired to Salt Spring from his career in the British Army. Though he and his wife Betty had no children of their own they delighted in the company of young people and this formed the basis for their generous donation of land.

At later dates other island residents contributed to development of the park and play area but it was the foundational idea and initial contribution of the Drummonds that made the park a reality.  The park is maintained by the hall association and continues to offer an opportunity for visitors and residents to relax and play by the sea.

This beautiful stretch of lawn and old growth trees nestled next to the ocean are a perfect setting and backdrop for wedding ceremonies and other events and can be booked separately or together with the hall.