The current Fulford hall committee continues the work of the many other community members who have served to maintain the hall as a centre of south end activity for almost a century. The first hall which was built on land donated by the Shaw family was opened in 1921 and burned to the ground just four years later. Not to be daunted by such a great loss, the community rebuilt the hall within the year and the new building re-opened in 1925. Disaster struck once more in 1936 when an arsonist set fire to the Fulford Hall as well as Beaver Point Hall and the White Lodge creating a major loss for an island with a population of less than 1,500 people. Somehow, community spirit and the hard work of dedicated volunteers prevailed and both south-end halls were rebuilt.

An addition to the current structure was made in 1982 when the Old Age Pensioners Organization (OAP Branch 170) applied for a New Horizon’s Grant to renovate space for their meeting room and kitchen area on the south end of the building thus cementing a valuable partnership between the FHA and the OAP. This space is also used by the community for special meetings and events.

Fund raising events for the ongoing maintenance of the hall have always been fun and an important part of community life. Darlene O’Donnell remembers the May Day parades in which potential May Queens and their princesses were sponsored by local business or individuals to raise money for the hall. Children decorated their bicycles and dressed up as their favorite characters to join the May parade. Trucks were also decorated and became floats for the occasion. There were hot dog stands and coconut shies and an ice cream stand all set up in Shaw’s field across from the hall where everyone congregated to hear speeches and exchange news; all reminiscent of current Fulford Day which is held in Drummond Park in August of each year, also as a fundraiser for the hall. Much like today, the hall was also used for smorgasbords, dances, weddings, boxing matches, hockey and other community gatherings such as the annual New Year Dance.

  • Hall Rentals

    For information on rentals  of Fulford Hall and Drummond Park please see our Hall Rentals page

  • Specifications


    Lobby & WR s /1366 square feet
    Kitchen & table storage / 800 sq. ft.
    Old stage & storage rooms / 1920 sq. ft.
    Large hall / 3200 square feet
    Height of main hall /18 feet.
    Total 7126 square feet


    Ground level basement, kitchen and storage
    Kitchen / 660 square feet
    Storage / 132 square feet
    OAP space / 1,000 sq. feet
    Total 1792 square feet